E s p o i r
Empatia series
Moutiers (France) 2019
Mohamed is a Tunisian who escaped from his homeland because of the political problems. He lived in Paris, a moment he remembers with joy. Since 2011, for the love of his children he lives in southern Italy, his dream is to return home. Moutiers is a French village in the Alps, on the border with Italy, in the midst of these valleys, among the woods and rocks, the people who escape from their land find a way to cross the Italian border, running towards hope. dreaming of returning home one day and retracing this path not as a fugitive but as a free person.
Mural intervention realized at Eternelles Crapules Festival.
This wall is part of the Empatia series. An artistic work that talks about the perception of the emotions of us and others.
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