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Catania (Italy) 2016
San Berillo is the old district of Catania where a large part of the city’s craftsmanship lived, after various vicissitudes, an important part of its urban layout was disemboweled, there was the relocation of its inhabitants to another neighborhood and from the seventies become the red light district of the city. After the collapses of 2015 in the San Berillo district, the doors of the buildings have been walled up to prevent new occupations in the buildings by homeless people or prostitutes. the paintings were made on the walled doors of the neighborhood.
“San Berillo. Red Line District “is a social and artistic project, curated by the collective Res Publica temporanea, which came to life in 2016 without permits or authorizations except that of the people and associations who live and work in the neighborhood. there are those who would like once again to cancel that humanity that still resists attacks by speculators, and in light of the events that see the municipal administration close to the mafia circles.
Intervention within the “San Berillo. Red Line Distreet” curated by the collective Res Publica Temporanea .

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