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Transumanze series
San Marco D’alunzio (Italy) 2019
Grandpa weaves a chair made of wires, so many threads. All together they will be able to support it and resist over time. Close to each other, close neighbors, family members fill life, the community. Someone leaves others stay, but the chair, thanks to its weaves, manages to bear the weight of life. In San Marco D’Alunzio, a small ancient village in the Natural Park of Nebrodi (Messina, Italy) , an average of 5 children are born a year, families huddle, empty chairs at the Sunday table increase, those who leave to return, those who do not exist, those who return for nostalgia, those who remain to resist.
Thanks to the team of Tre60 Lab for supporting this project, and making our residence very special
This piece is part of the Transumanze series, a series dedicated to the missing link between man and nature, created within the Transumanze project
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