empatia series
Marseille (France) 2020
Libera is a murals created in 2020 in a deconsecrated monastery in Marseille. The nuns “soeurs Victimes du sacré coeur de Jésu” lived inside the monastery since 1843. The nuns led a cloistered life and had taken a vow of silence. The mural that blends with the architecture; the arches, the windows, the floor suggest a place full of silence, and this painting contrasts with the place. iI is a tribute to freedom, a scream, a cry, stifled by the painting itself. When we give vent to our emotions, they are no longer scary.
Mural intervention for P.A.C. Provence Art Contemporain itinerant festival, in the Desecrated chapel, Levat convent Marseille
Photos by Yann Rineau.
Thanks to the model who posed for me, Olivia.
This wall is part of a series that talks about the perception of emotions, ours and of the others, so called Empatia.
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