A r r i c a m p u
Transumanze series
Palermo (Italy) 2019
At the neighborhood of Palermo, Danisinni, I painted this pastoral scene that represents the return home from a day’s work in the fields. The dependence, a thread that unites them. Danisinni is a neighborhood of Palermo, connected to the city by a single street, the same both to enter and to exit. The neighborhood is not served by public transport and the only school has been closed due to unsuitability. The people who live here are mostly fruit and vegetable vendors, and farmers, once everyone had a donkey at home, and everyone knew each other. Thanks a the people of Neighborhood Danisinni in Palermo, and The team of Museo sociale Danisinni, Mauro Filippi and Fra Mauro” for supporting this project.
this piece is part of the Transumanze series, a series dedicated to the missing link between man and nature, created within the Transumanze project
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