Eternelle Crapules Festival, Moutiers (France) 2019


San Marco D'Alunzio (Italy) 2019

"FILA" is the title of a mural in Sicily, Italy. Made through the collaboration with the videomaker Carla Costanza (GINIUSA), the goal was to tell a story of the ancient abandoned customs. In San Marco D'Alunzio, a small ancient village in the Natural Park of Nebrodi (Messina, Italy), an average of 5 children are born each year, families huddle, empty chairs at the Sunday table increase, those who leave to return, those who do not exist, those who return for nostalgia, those who remain to resist.


Patti (Italy) 2019

Urban intervention with the Transumanze Project, a special thanks to the teams of NUR assosiiation, and all the the people of Patti.

Défense de Affichér

Marseille (France) 2018

The walls speak!... And even the people: the neighborhood "le Panier" in Marseille that moves, speaks and whispers under the noises of sprays.

  • Video : Eduardo Nicolas — ENE
  • Editing : Alberto Ruce


Marseille (France) 2018

The movement, the hardest job. All on the same line: Men together with Donkey.

  • Video : Carla Costanza — GINIUSA

Prod 2018

Video with my works of 2018. Thanks to all my friends for the spot and support, Giuseppe Gütann, Mahn Kloix, Batch, Vincent Artistrie and Sebas Sarti. The association and people who have involved me in artistic projects: Emergence Festival, Street'Art'Magnac, Festival Meeting Of Styles Germany.

  • Video : Alberto Ruce, Carla Costanza — GINIUSA
  • Editing : Carla Costanza — GINIUSA

Smile as a child

San Marco D'Alunzio (Italy) 2018

Intervention performed on a children's playground (abandoned) and refreshed by the local association TRE60 LAB, with my little mural intervention, to remind people who live this small village so that to continue growing it is important to laugh together.

Sin, has the flavor of gold

Catania (Italy) 2017

Graffiti realized in popular neighborhood of Catania (Sicily) "Librino" Thanks to an initiative of the collective Res- Publica-Temporanea and the support of the residents.

The mural represents Eve when passing the apple to Adam, a golden apple represented the gold and the money, the sin symbols in the world today. In this case, Adam is not present in the scene as icon corresponds by the spectator.

  • Music : Damiano Signorelli
  • Video : Aurelia Zullo
  • Editing : Alberto Ruce