A u s t e r o
Athens (Greece) 2021
Honored to have represented Italy in Athens with this painting that honors the 700th anniversary of Dante Aligheri’s death. My part in this project was to represent the purgatory of the famous poem “La Divina Commedia”. The mural begins on the left with the phrase “…e quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle”. This is the moment in which Dante and Virgilio come out of the cave of hell. A flock of sheep crosses the painting, the human being, who, as in a group, follows the behavior of his fellow men, and together they perform the same actions. In the center, the portrait of an austere character, who looks at the viewer from “another” world, ethereal, which belongs only to the imagination and fantasy.
Mural intervention curated by Urban Act, organized by Italian Embassy in Athens with support of the city of Athens. Special thanks to Kiriakos, and the other artists present, Kez and Same84
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