C u m m a r i
transumanze series
Catania (Italy) 2021
‘A cirnuta
A method belonging to the ancient processing of wheat, a rain of wheat falls into the sieve and separates the larger seeds from the smaller ones, a couple works together, they collaborate for their sustenance, this method has now disappeared that there remains only a memory or a stain in our memories, but the trace is still the present, it is up to us to follow it, look at it or forget it.
A sweet scene that transmits affection like a mother to her children. An ancient and wise mother who looks at her little children in her big hands.
A private commission for “Cummari”a boutique B&B, based in historical center of Catania.
Interior intervention on old house made with cocciopesto.
Photo model ‘A cirnuta from the book “Pane Amaro” by Salvatore Nicosia.
Photo model, Puddicini by Francesco Capuano.
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