Algues Vertes
Morlaix (France) 2021
This story begins a long time ago, in the French postwar period, where there was no food, and in the countryside of Brittany, farmers were given the task of “feeding” France. This story continues with the agricultural uprisings of the 60s with farmers who were unable to go on with the low prices of the market. This story continues with the arrival of intensive agricultural practices, then it reaches the sea, turns green and passes through the pages of a comics BD. Sometimes it is censored and sometimes changed, the story of green algaes in Brittany is a story that I can’t lived, but I heard a lot about it during my stay in Morlaix, so I decided to represent a man who binds wheat , with his hands, under the sun, with his straw hat. It’s a memento to my Breton friends, to remind us that slowness and simplicity are still part of our nature.
Mural intervention at the MX Arts Tour Festival,
Photo model by Book “Pane amaro” by Salvatore Nicosia,
Special thanks to my team Art’Murs,
and to the beautiful people of MX team and the guys of arzour.morlaix super spot.
This is the BD comics I was talking about
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