empatia series
Grenoble (France) 2021
“Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh Then the sudden smell of burning flesh” (Billie Holiday)
Magnolia is an intelligent child who always laughs, a smile that escapes in this painting, difficult to grasp, like the child inside us. The owner of the wall told me that this image helps to look forward. throws us out of this bad period full of darkness, a period where not everyone smiles and someone hasn’t done so for a long time
Mural intervention for residency curated by Grenoble steetart fest,
Photo by Andrea Berlese,
Photo model by Carla Costanza (Giniusa).
Thanks to the model who posed for me, Magnolia.
This wall is part of an artistic work that talks about the perception of our emotions and others, called Empatia.
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